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Victor Alfieri joined the cast of Days of our lives as the devishly handsome and mysterious Franco Kelley in June of 1996. A native of Rome Italy,Victor was raised as a only child by his mother and grandparents. The pride of his family was his grandmothers restaurant,where he was expected to build a career,but Victor had other plans very early in life. With a natural talent for writing Victor created poems,fables,and stories throughout his youth.

By age 14, he was writing sketch comedy with his other creative friend. Also a class clown,Victor always acted up in class,to the amusement of his teachers and fellow students.He says "Everyone always thought I was crazy in my family,I was the crazy one"

When Victor was 18,a photographer invited him to do an advertising shoot,and soon he graced several Italian soap-opera magazines, known as "fotoromaniz". He captured several roles on Italian television, but not before being drafted for military service. He spent 2 years in the service of his choice:the police force. When Victor was 20 a street fight left his face scarred by more than 55 stiches."It completely changed my life." says Victor,who had built a career on his good looks. "It made me realize that the beauty we cary around on the outside is not important,it's what's on the inside that counts."

He then turned from modeling to acting.

Long in love with american movies and culture,Victor made the trip to Los Angeles in August of 1994, and much to the dismay of realitives back in Italy, he moved to California in January of 1995. He quickly landed work in several high-profile telivision commercials and television programs. Until June of 1996 when his career went shooting through the roof he captured the role of Franco Kelley on the #1 hit daytime show Days of our lives. It has been a year since Victor has made it big on the daytime seen,and it looks to be sky's the limit for this talented young star...

Here's hoping you reach your dreams Victor!!!!!!

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